Updated January 2021


Some time after Greg’s passing I decided that I would like to somehow collect all of his recordings as HYDRA and release them on a cd with a booklet. I tried getting in contact with, as many people that I knew were friends of his. I received a few responses but the overall lack of replies and or interest was a bit disheartening. I understand how we all have to deal with grief and death in our own ways and I completely respect that. Or the problem was people not wanting to talk to me, which I understand as well.

18 years have passed now and maybe some of that original energy has returned. Or maybe enough time has passed and emotions are finally settling. I know for myself that I have gone through every possible emotion about Greg’s death, so I am pretty sure others have experienced this too.

I do ask myself if I am doing this for Greg or for myself. I am pretty clear in my thinking that the promise I made myself to do this is more for me than for Greg. Greg was extremely talented, creative, kind, generous and had a huge heart. So honestly part of it is for him as well, a thank you of sorts for being a great friend. Having had the opportunity to meet him in this existence I do treasure it as one of the highlights of my life.

I am looking for high quality, high reslution scans of pictures, articles etc. of Greg. Also any and all personal written stories, accounts, experiences, audio recordings, moments shared etc. I would like to include everything that is submitted and these can be sent anonymously if so desired. Or full credit for the submissions is an option as well.

The final format is still being researched and after tallying up the total time of the material that I know of, it does seem it could be 2 CDs worth. I would love to be able to publish a proper hardcover book with photos and writings. It all depends really on the amount of submissions and material that is received. If there isn’t enough material then it will most likely be CDs in a jewel box with a booklet.

This project is focusing exclusively on Greg’s solo works and HYDRA and I am not planning on visiting any of the Final Solution material. It will take some time to start to contact the labels and people who helped release Greg’s work and try and get permission to reissue the material. I am hoping that this will go smoothly.

I am not looking to make any money from this endeavor breaking even would be nice. I am of the mindset that this is a work of friendship and remembrance, not profit. Each person and or label submitting material will receive copies of the finished release.

Will Keep this page updated as things progress.

Sincerely, Michael Nine

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